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Traditional Chinese medicine and plenty of time to relax is very important at our hotel, where the focus is on health and indulgence. Even our cuisine is influenced by Chinese wisdom! Your l

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Traditional Chinese medicine and a lot of time to relax…
The fact that prevention is better than healing is something the Chinese have known for thousands of years. And because those at the “Zum Kürfürsten” hotel on the Mosel know that health is also a part of wellness, they have become one of the leading providers of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Germany. A team of four alternative practitioners and a doctor take care of the guests’ needs. A self-developed TCM concept as well as regular lectures by visiting Chinese lecturers supports the lived wellness concept of the “Kürfürsten”, which is also revealed in the rooms furnished according to Feng-Shui. This enables you to experience physical and mental relaxation right away.
Chinese wisdom also penetrates the hotel kitchen, which recently was given an award once again as one of the best in Germany: Besides regional specialities, menus following the 5-element cuisine concept are offered: from breakfast to the evening meal. Enthusiastic eaters can also attend courses on preparing food, in order to maintain the way of eating in everyday life. Yet, one wouldn’t be at the Mosel if one couldn’t indulge in the timeless treats here in one of the country’s most beautiful wine regions. That’s why simply relaxing in the pool, cuddling in the suite or a glass of chilled Riesling on the patio are all part of the picture. 


The “Zum Kurfürsten” is a renowned expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Dishes according to the Five-Elements-Theory (From breakfast to dinner); tongue diagnosis; acupuncture; Chinese tuina massage; nutrition consulting; culinary school; feng shui rooms. In-house lifestyle concept MaXX stands for a maximum of joy of life, indulgence, and health.

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LIFESTYLE Resort Zum Kurfürsten **** superior
Bernkastel Kues Mittelmosel

Amselweg 1
54470 Bernkastel Kues