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For thousands of years baths have been taken for medicinal purposes to help alleviate health problems as well as for their relaxing benefits.

In general, baths used to treat diseases are known as Balneotherapy. There are two different types. One is a bath tub for relaxation and the other is an exercise bath to encourage the patient to move around in the water. There is also a difference between a full bath and a part bath.

Medical baths are baths taken in a tub using different medicinal additives. Substances like carbon dioxide and plant extracts both have different effects on the body and mind. For example, a spruce needle bath can help with tension or a hay flower bath can aid muscle pain. A mud or brine bath can also benefit health problems, as well as taking a bath in healing waters because the natural components like sulphur and minerals can support the natural healing process.

Soothing skin baths using cream-oil, milk-oil (Cleopatra) or baths using special additives like Tyrolean stone oil are very popular in wellness centres. They can be enjoyed in nice atmospheric rooms with bronze, glass or rustic wooden bath tubs.

A special form of the bath is the floating tank. For about an hour or longer the client floats in an oversized bath tub filled with salt water, which is at body temperature. When the tank is closed it is soundproof and light is unable to infiltrate. The senses like sight, hearing, touch and smell are removed, giving a sensation of being disconnected from the outside world. This leads to a state of mental clarity, while at the same time, giving a sense of deep physical relaxation.

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