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Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.


What is Aura Soma?

Aura Soma stands for a holistic fine-material therapy developed by Vicky Wall. "We are the colours we choose and they reflect the needs of your life". Behind this guiding principle is the holistic Aura Soma Therapy, which was developed by the English pharmacist Vicky Wall (1918-1991) in 1984 to improve and expand the spiritual, mental and emotional state of mind.

The word "Aura Soma" is derived from the Latin word "aura" (breath of air) and the ancient Greek "soma" (body). According to the Aura Soma practitioners, the combination of both terms already contains a healing vibration. Today Aura-Soma is a protected trademark of the English company Aura-Soma Products Ltd., which, according to its own statement, combines healing energy from colours, gemstones and plants. 

How does an Aura-Soma application work?

The Aura Soma application is based on the idea that the soul consciously chooses a colour, which the person to be treated then selects spontaneously.  

Three main products are used in Aura Soma, which should complement each other:

The 117 Equilibrium or Balance bottles are the centre of Aura-Soma. From these Equilibrium bottles, four bottles are chosen according to the feeling. The colour is the key to the deeper meaning of the choice. The first bottle is considered to be the "soul bottle", the second one stands for gifts and obstacles, the third one for the "here and now" and the fourth one for the "energies that will move towards us in the future". Equilibrium is made from crystals, gemstones and extracts of herbs and plants. The two-coloured bottles consist of an oily liquid in the upper part and an aqueous liquid in the lower part. Both colours are cleanly separated from each other, as the oily part floats on the aqueous one. The intensive colour effect of the Balance bottles is achieved by adding other plants, mostly plants and vegetables. A few drops of this emulsion are applied to the skin. This is to help the body absorb the energies in the bottle.

The second important pillar of the Aura-Soma Therapy are the 17 pomanders (from lat. Pomum fragrance container). These vials contain fragrances derived from 49 different herbs and alcohol-based essential oils.  Three drops of it are put into the left hand and rubbed with the right one. Then the fragrance should be fanned into the aura. The total of seven different colours, which are present in each pomander, are connected to every chakra of the human being due to their colours.

The third pillar are the quintessences, which have a positive effect on the finer layers of the aura. It is supposed to support the perception and open the view for the higher sense. The application is done by spraying a spray of the quintessence on the wrists and rubbing it in. Afterwards it is fanned out from head to toe from 30 cm.

How does Aura Soma work?

Aura Soma supports all those people who long for inner and outer harmony. It is assumed that light is the source of life, the colours are its language. The senses are stimulated by the surrounding colours, at the same time they also describe one's own mood. Through the intuitive choice of coloured bottles during an Aura Soma application, the guest can enjoy the colours that are currently in short supply. Aura Soma assumes that when all colours are present in sufficient quantities, an inner balance is created.

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