Wellness lexicon

Body Wrapping  -  tissue tightening with the help of special foil.

Body wrapping is a combination of aromatherapy and compression bandages. The aim of this method is to encourage the blood and lymphatic circulation in the tissue, which results in a reduction in cellulite and tightening of the tissue.

Body wrapping is practised in two steps. Firstly, the areas of the body which are to be treated are massaged with a so-called body forming cream. Afterwards, the body is wrapped in two layers of foil. The first layer is wrapped loosely and the next one quite tightly. Then a rest of about an hour follows on a warm bed. The foil encourages a warming process and strengthens blood circulation. This way the substances in the body forming cream are also absorbed.

To intensify the effect of body wrapping, it is advised to only have fluids for a few hours prior to the treatment. The increased fluid intake should make it easier and quicker for the body to get rid of toxins.

Body wrapping should not be done during pregnancy or people with visible varicose veins. 

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