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Acupuncture - A healing method based on traditional Chinese medicine using fine needles

Acupuncture (Latin: sharp prick) is a traditional Chinese healing therapy, which uses long, thin needles to penetrate the surface of the skin, stimulating energy flow in the body and soothing pain.  Acupuncture is the most common Asian healing method. In Germany it is used by doctors, physiotherapists and other healing practitioners to treat a number of different health problems.

Acupuncture is based on the theory that by stimulating energy points on the body, it will correct imbalances of qi through the meridians. There are about 360 of these points over the human body. These pressure points, also called acupuncture points, are stimulated using fine, flexible needles that can be twisted or warmed to increase efficiency.  According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the treatment redirects vital energy (qi) back to an optimum flow to either maintain the patient’s health or to treat any health problems. Acupuncture should be carried out by professional doctors or therapists. It can be very efficient in treating chronic pain, addictions and many more health problems.  In Chinese clinics and practices, operations are often performed using acupuncture instead of anaesthesia. Western medicine often use electrical pulses or laser instead of needles (electrical and laser acupuncture).  

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